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A healthy vegetarian diet and a firm belief helped me succeed in fighting cancer


Sister Zhang walked up with a smile, holding a plate of fruit jelly cakes that looked as beautiful and exquisite as a work of art. This is another vegetarian work she made over the whole night. Let the eyes of the people around me brighten up, so beautiful that I can't bear to eat...I can't see the ruddy, healthy and hearty elder sister in front of me, who walked in front of the gate of ghosts many years ago. The doctor estimated that she would relapse in two years. Today, she has successfully passed through the 10th year of fighting cancer.

Q: How many years did you get sick? How did you find out?

A: I had a full-body examination at Wenlai Hospital in December 2009. Ultrasound showed that the large blood vessels of the heart had nodules like bunches of grapes. The doctor said that he grew up in a very dangerous place and couldn't do a biopsy (biopsy). I didn't treat it as a serious problem. After 1 month, I felt some breathing problems. I thought it was wheezing, but the spray did not work. I didn’t think about other things, so I just stopped.

During the 2010 Lunar New Year, I traveled abroad with fellow initiates and two relatives, feeling very tired, breathing harder and harder, and no appetite. Going home for an X-ray examination, he saw hydrops in the left lung and was admitted to the hospital for observation.

After staying in Wenlai Hospital for three weeks, the bone marrow examination was found to be blood cancer, and the doctor recommended chemotherapy. Considering that the hospital does not have a blood transfusion machine, the risk of infection is high. The doctor wrote a note and gave me all the examination reports, suggesting to return to Canada for treatment. After school, I faxed all the information to my family doctor. The doctor immediately sent the report and his proposal to my child to the cancer center, and the cancer center immediately accepted me.

Q: How about your mood adjustment when you find blood cancer? What about your physical condition?

A: I was in a wheelchair back to Vancouver, and my daughter took me home. At that time, the water in the lungs was difficult to breathe, movement was inconvenient, and the psychological shock caused the whole person to collapse. Every day I wonder if I can't pass 55 years old? Isn't that too young? I don't want to be so young

I'm leaving now!

Q: Can you share with you the process of chemotherapy?

A: I went to the cancer center to see a doctor in one week when I returned to Vancouver, and everything was checked again. Seven or eight hundred cc of thick yellow liquid was pumped out of the lungs, and then breathing was really comfortable. It was the second time to draw bone marrow again every few days. The pain of pumping bone marrow is indescribable. The results were diagnosed as terminal (stage 4) lymphoma, which has spread to the bone marrow, spleen, pelvis and lungs.

I was scheduled for eight sessions of chemotherapy, once every three weeks. The first chemotherapy was the full dose, that is, a dead horse became a living horse doctor, and almost died... The drug was too strong and caused tooth inflammation and high fever. My wife immediately called the cancer center. Was immediately sent to the hospital. BCCA asked Richmond hospital to isolate me and injected a powerful immune booster injection. Hair loss began two weeks after chemotherapy.

They adjusted the drugs for the second chemotherapy, and there were no serious side effects. Thank the immortal Buddha and Bodhisattva for his great compassion.

CT scan was performed in the third week after the third course of treatment, and the tumor shrank. Continue to complete eight courses of treatment until October 2010.

After that, the hospital gave me a two-year maintenance course (a kind of medicine to keep the effect for two years). The doctor said that this chemotherapy will not break the root, but only prolong the life. I asked the doctor how long I could live, and he said that every individual has a different physique, one year, two years, three years, even 10 years, 20 years, and maintenance by myself.

Q: What is the inspection process after chemotherapy? Are there any precautions?

A: I go back for the checkup every six months. During the checkup in December last year, the doctor said that he would see me again after one year, but after school, I still insisted on checking up every six months. The doctor estimated that I would relapse after two years of chemotherapy, but now I am very healthy, so I only recommend seeing you a year later. In fact, the cancer cells are still in my body, but they are sleeping well now, don't disturb them.

Remind everyone, never cut your skin during chemotherapy, otherwise the bleeding will not stop. Because chemotherapy will cause a small number of platelets, blood is not easy to clot. If you accidentally touch or hit any part of your body, your skin can easily become black and blue.

Q: I heard that you succeeded in fighting cancer through healthy vegetarian food. Can you share your diet during chemotherapy with us?

A: From the second day after Brunei returned to Canada, I squeezed vegetable juice and drank it on an empty stomach every morning until now. The darker the color, the more antioxidants, the better the anti-cancer effect. During chemotherapy, drink vegetable juice when you wake up in the morning, drink a cup of five-element vegetable soup (carrot, white radish, shiitake mushroom, burdock, radish leaf) germinated brown rice tea half an hour later, and eat breakfast in half an hour.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy need adequate nutrition. Most patients have no appetite during chemotherapy and even have many different side effects. I was fortunate that I did not have mouth sores (ulcers), dizziness or vomiting. Before the chemotherapy, I used baking soda and water to rinse my mouth to avoid mouth ulcers, so eating is not a problem. My side effect is that my muscles will feel pain three to five days after chemotherapy. After a week, I will take care of my body and prepare for the next chemotherapy. During this period, if there is nothing to do, I will find vegetarian recipes online to learn how to make bread, buns, and pastries for others to eat, and keep a happy mood.

Although I don't have an appetite, I still insist on swallowing things into my stomach every two hours. I have enough nutrition and immunity to do the next chemotherapy. Eat whatever you want. The doctor said that research has shown that there is nothing that cannot be eaten, just a balanced intake of various foods. During chemotherapy, I also eat a lot of blueberries that are rich in antioxidants.

Q: What did you put in the vegetable juice?

A: Here are a few pictures of vegetable juice ingredients shared by Sister Zhang:

Grasp the following principles:

  • Grow your own vegetables, local produce, fresh, many kinds

  • Dark vegetables, many colors, with a lot of ginger

  • Juiced and eaten raw

  • Put vinegar and soda to clean

  • Eat a lot of blueberries

  • Eat breakfast every half an hour after drinking on an empty stomach

  • Oatmeal, flaxseeds, walnuts, Brazil nut, 6 each

  • What to eat

  • Squeeze the juice slowly and chew

  • In addition, I also eat Korean red ginseng, which helps me to replenish my energy and strengthen my immune system.

Q: I heard that a firm belief has given you a lot of strength during the fight against cancer. Can you share your mental journey?

A: I asked for advice in 1969, when I was 14 years old. When I was a child, I went to the Buddhist hall with my mother almost every day, and also helped with the inaction of sweeping the floor. After finishing middle school, I didn't go to the Buddhist hall. On the one hand, both my mother and family immigrated to Canada, on the other hand, the business was busy. But later students have never forgotten the Three Jewels, and often use the Three Jewels. When I was sick, I learned to use the Three Jewels, praying for the mercy and blessing of the Immortal Buddha, and also began to learn chanting. Relax completely when chanting, and get involved in the scriptures, and you will soon memorize several scriptures.

I immigrated to Vancouver in 1993, but I don't know that there is also a Guandao Buddhist Hall here. I met Lecturer Zhang in 2003, and he took fellow practitioners to the Buddhist hall. When I went home, I said that there are Big Belly Buddha, Guanshiyin Bodhisattva, and Jigong Living Buddha in the Buddhist hall. I think this is the same fairy Buddha as our temple, so I encouraged him to go, and he quickly asked for help. Lecturer Zhang also persuaded the later learners to go together, but the later learners gave up because they were unfamiliar.

Lecturer Zhang once said that you must go to the Fa conference after asking for the truth, otherwise you will still have to go back a hundred years. As soon as I finish all the treatments, I will attend the Fa conference immediately, for fear that it will be too late. After that, I continued to attend the research class, and I have finished the fourth year of Durban.

Two years after the treatment, on March 13, 2013, I decided to start learning to be a vegetarian, and went to the Buddhist academy to help cook and learn vegetarian cuisine. Five years later, a clear wish was made (2018 altar main class). It’s great to be a vegetarian and very energetic! The doctor estimated that my cancer would recur in two years. Now it has been ten years and I am still very healthy. The scriptures are also very helpful to me. When I chant the scriptures, I will concentrate on the scriptures and relax completely.

I am really grateful to God's grace and morality, and to the Immortal Buddha and Bodhisattva for giving me a chance to be reborn and giving me more opportunities to perform meritorious deeds.

We are very grateful to Sister Zhang for selflessly sharing her personal experience with everyone, and hope that everyone will be healthy and safe, and full of joy!

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