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Social Charity

The Fa-Yi Chong-De Charitable Foundation Taiwan Headquarters was established in 1990 by the venerable Han Lao, also known as Yulin. With a compassionate heart and care for society, Han Lao founded childcare institutions and homes for the elderly in Taiwan, embodying the spirit of 'caring for our elders as we care for our own, and nurturing the young as we nurture our own.' In 1995, under the leadership of Chairwoman Hongzhen Chen, the organization expanded to include nearly a thousand volunteers, aiming to promote various charitable activities.

Following in the footsteps of the Fa-Yi Chong-De Charitable Foundation, the Fa-Yi Chong-De Vancouver Association strives to realize the ideal world advocated in Confucian culture, known as 'Datong.'

In the 'Book of Rites,' it is stated: 'Hence, a man does not merely love his own parents and children, nor does he treat as children only his own sons. Aged seniors are provided with a home; grown adults can find work to do. The young are educated and able to grow up to maturity; widowers and childless are provided for. The disabled and sick are taken care of; the lonely and solitary find friends.' Through projects such as aiding the disabled and vulnerable, providing relief for the impoverished, organizing activities for the elderly in nursing homes, environmental conservation, disaster relief for natural calamities, charity sales events, and volunteering for various services, the foundation practices the principle of 'taking from society, giving back to society.' It transforms our acts of kindness into the boundless compassion of saints, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas. In a society often characterized by indifference and utilitarianism, this effort injects a genuine warmth, comforting each other's hearts. It turns the mundane world into a pure land, establishing a harmonious society

Donation for the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

In February 2023, Turkey and Syria suffered a major earthquake of the century. Our organization immediately called on everyone to respond to the activity initiated by the Turkish Consulate in Vancouver-a special plane to donate materials to the disaster area.

Tao members from various alter spared no effort in donations, hoping to help the residents in the disaster-stricken areas heal their pain slowly, get safe shelter and confidence to rebuild their homes. Hua-De Temple called for the donation of 20 boxes of baby liquid milk. The staff at the resource centre in Vancouver are very happy. They know that it is difficult to buy more of this material. The staff asked Lecturer Huang for the website of the FYCD Temple, and then they had to write a letter of thanks to our organization. Lecturer Huang also informed that more supplies will be delivered one after another, and the love of Chongde people is touching.

Thank Ming Ming Shang Di for giving us the opportunity to learn the vows, and pray that the survivors in Turkey and Syria will be strong and the dead will rest in peace.

In addition, we will continue to recite the Maitreya Sutra for Rescuing Suffering and Guan Shengdijun Sutra to dedicate to the victims at 9 o'clock in the morning at Chongde Temple, hoping that all sentient beings can get rid of suffering and find happiness as soon as possible.

Community purification protects our home

Clean up your neighborhood and remove the invasive blackberry bush.

Blackberries form dense and thorny bushes, which not only changes the original landscape of the park, but is also harmful to the original trees and restricts the growth of these beautiful native plants. These bushes have thorns restricting people's access and may be dangerous if a fire breaks out. With the help of volunteers, we devote to controlling the spread of blackberry bushes in local parks.


Nursing Home Respect for the Elderly

We held benefit performances in nursing homes. Wonderful performances such as guzheng playing, piano performance, violin playing, clarinet playing, magic show, singing, leading singing...etc. Show the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers and children. It is often necessary to go through continuous rehearsal beforehand, just to win the applause and smiles of grandparents. Let them feel full of love and care from entertainment performances, and add color to the ordinary life of the elderly.


We also conduct a parent-child charity sale to send warmth in the cold winter through the little angel education class. We use warm socks, soap and other materials to actually warm people's hearts.

Forest Planting

Miyawaki Forest Planting with MLA Henry Yao - thank you all the volunteers for making our community a better and greener place 🙌

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​City of Richmond Proclamation: Inheritance and Innovation of Chinese Classical Culture Day

​ In order to express the gratitude and recognition to FYCD's years of contribution and efforts to the passing of Chinese culture in the city of Richmond, the Richmond City Mayor announced on December 23 as the Inheritance and Innovation of Chinese Classical Culture Day.

Sending warm love activities in cold winter

On Christmas Eve 2023, our directors and volunteers, on behalf of all Tao members from FYCD Vancouver, sent warm and caring care packages to the local charity Union Gospel Mission. We hope to warm every corner of our society.

Union Gospel Mission is a church organization in the East End of Vancouver that specializes in providing protective centres and related assistance to the local homeless and disadvantaged elderly population.

Fa-Yi Chong-De initiated the collective efforts of all Tao members to fundraise supplies: new small bottles of shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, lip balm, hand warmers, winter gloves, reusable water bottles, reusable coffee cups (with lids), tissues, blankets...etc.

During the festive season, when the families gather together happily, we shall not forget our Bodhisattva deeds and Bodhisattva vows.

Earth purification activities

The beach cleaning activities are fun to educate and educate, through the power of the group to clean the beach together, to love our home and maintain the marine ecology. Through such activities, it is easier for children and young people to understand the catastrophe caused by human behavior to ecological damage during the hands-on process; learning to maintain ecological balance, as citizens of the earth, is everyone's responsibility.

Disaster relief

The fundraising campaigns for global disaster relief, such as 'When others are drowning, we are also drowning; when others are hungry, we are also hungry,' are launched multiple times every year. Our compassion always races against time. From supporting wildfire relief efforts in North American forests, aiding victims of the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, China, providing assistance after the Nepal earthquake, to funding frontline healthcare facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, our acts of kindness have left footprints in every corner of the world.

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