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The experience of participating in the training class

My two children  and I have been participating in the activities of the Tao society since 2019, including attending the Tao Seminar and the biweekly Xinmin class. I have always believed in the Buddha since I was a child and I still remember that there were books free for the public in the temples near my home.  I have always enjoyed reading such books. 

It must be the buddhas guiding me through the dark and that I could get in touch with Ms. Cai amongst the various WeChat groups.  Ms. Cai said there were still vacancies in her classes. When I saw the elegant altar of Buddhas and the clean and well organized equipment and setting at Ms.Cai's,  I was very satisfied. I was pleasantly surprised to have found a learning environment for Chinese classical literature recital. I hold this joy close to my heart. I was in a bad mood back then.  In fact, I might have anxiety and mild depression? For example: my friend casually said why my child had a runny nose, I would wonder if she was ridiculing me for not keeping my child warm, or suspecting that she was implying my child was spreading germs. I was always bothered and even lost sleep because I kept thinking people were putting me down. Looking back now, Ms. Cai was like a "fairy" sent by the saints and buddhas to guide me and show me the way. In December 2018, my eldest son Kaka started attending Ms. Cai's Chinese classical literature recital class. Everything was going smoothly as if destined to be.  Ms. Cai invited me to participate in the Resumption Ceremony of her family temple and held a Tao Receiving Ceremony that was attended by many relatives and friends. Everything went well and I officially began to start learning about and cultivate Tao. Every Sunday, I took my children to the temple for lectures.

Since taking my children to attend Sunday classes at the temple, I had become more optimistic and was no longer easily irritated when encountering problems. The lecturers, Tao seniors and Tao Transmitting Masters led by example and I gradually started to rid of my bad temper and shortfalls.   I learned from the volunteer teachers in the Little Angel Class to interact with children with tolerance, patience and love. The Tao seniors at the temple approached things step by step, went with the flow and always looked so kind. How I admire them! I hope to be a part of them and become a better version of myself. I hope that I can make my family and friends feel happy, and I want more people to seek Tao, so that we can achieve a better self together.

In April 2019, I was pregnant with my second child and there were signs of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. This was resolved because of buddha's mercy. I did not dare to drive, so Ms. Cai became my driver to take me to the temple for classes, worshipping and various activities. Later, I was informed that I was at risk of low-lying placenta. Ms.Cai told me to pray sincerely to the buddhas for blessings. Two months later, the gynecologist told me that the placenta was not low anymore and I could wait for the delivery with a peace of mind. In the last month of pregnancy, my eldest son and I had flu and high fever. I had a fever for a full week and had to go to the emergency. The saints and buddhas allowed the baby in my body to not only get good prenatal education in the temple, but also allowed me to give birth safely and smoothly. The baby, who was active and kicking in my body, turned out to be very peaceful and rested regularly! All these made my heart full of pleasant surprises and gratitude.

My eldest son received a lot of care and attention from Tao seniors in the Little Angel Class. He not only learned to be independent but also improved his spiritually. He would join me after his session in the Little Angel Classroom and we helped arrange the dining tables and chairs in the main hall, lined up for meals, and enjoyed the Ping An Zhai (a biweekly vegetarian feast). At the same time, he was also learning table etiquette and good habits of cherishing our blessings.  After the meals, we cleaned up together, were full of Dharma joy, and he gradually became independent at home in day to day activities of living . Speaking of the Ping An Zhai, the rich vegetarian "buffet" of the Chongde Temple in Vancouver is the Michelin-level vegetarian feast in my heart! Here, I saw that a diversity of vegetarian food and they fully satisfy the taste buds! I miss the spicy fried rice cakes, Luo Han Zhai (Buddha's Feast), pan-fried vegetarian chicken, Matsutake and Angelica soup and all kinds of steamed buns. Moreover, being vegetarian is not only good for the body but also cultivates our compassion. I also really want to be vegan in the future. I believe there will be such a day!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I worship Guanshiyin Bodhisattva (Goddess of Mercy) by setting up an altar in my own home.  I also placed the scriptures that Ms. Cai had shared with me on the altar and I can recite them at any time. I carry with me a small card with images of the buddha. I know that the holy teachers are always around me and with me, so it is convenient for me to introduce people to Tao.

By following Tao Senior's respect and gratitude to the Enlightening Masters and saints and buddhas at the Vancouver Chongde temple, I cultivate respect, let go of all conditions, and concentrate on righteous thoughts. Furthermore, I found my true self, and as a result, I worked harder to perfect myself. Without the guidance of the diligent Tao Seniors and the lecturers who gave me examples to follow and enlighten me, I would still suffer from anxiety for all kinds of trivial matters!

Thank you God! I will continue to follow all the Tao seniors, practice cultivation, accumulate more virtues and do good deeds.

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