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The experience of participating in the training class

Through the study in the advanced training class, I deeply realized the vastness of the teacher's virtues.

Whenever I return to the Buddhist hall, the chaotic thoughts can always be instantly calm, just like returning to my mother's embrace, calm and warm. Lecturers’ sharing attentively can always help me solve the big and small troubles and obsessive obstacles I encounter in my life. Help me to be more accommodating in my family, workplace and life.

I learned how to reflect on myself, how to change my mind and think about others, and look at the people and things around me with gratitude. Because I feel the boundless love of the sages and immortals and the compassion of the former sages, I understand that I should be more humble, more mature, and more active to live out the brilliance of life, and hope that I can also become a little bodhisattva who brings happiness to others.

​Thank you God, I can’t wait to share this touch in my heart with you who are reading this article.

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