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Actively caring for others

In the summer of June, it was almost noon, even in the picturesque Vancouver at this time, the sun was squinting my eyes.
Several of our volunteer teachers decided to take the children out for a run after class to get some ventilation before their parents finished class. A group of people, more than a dozen children from one to fifteen years old, jumped off as they walked.

On the way, I saw some children have this simple-looking bracelet on their hands. It was made by today's youth 4Q class. I took a look at it, and it said "Actively Caring For People"-Actively caring for others . It echoes the theme of "Caring for the Elderly" in our little angel class today.

Along the way, these precious and limited edition bracelets are passed on to each other in the group. You help take care of the children walking, you get an honor bracelet, I help you take things when you tie your shoelaces, and you also get this bracelet .

In the outdoor playground, big and small friends just scattered around. I was by the side, enjoying the breeze, watching the children’s interaction and watching whether there was an emergency.

After everyone came back after drinking the water from the water fountain, I saw that Xuan Xuan jumped up very hard to hook the handle of a game device, so she could grab the other side, but she was only seven years old after all, so she hooked everything. No. Ten-year-old Tongtong noticed it in the distance, and immediately ran forward and gave it a light push, and the hook slid onto Xuan Xuan's head. Tongtong ran back to continue playing.

Strangely, Xuan Xuan didn't immediately start pulling the hook and swaying past, she ran to the volunteer teacher in the opposite direction. I looked at what she seemed to say, took an honor bracelet, and ran to Tongtong quickly. Tongtong also stretched out his wrist and accepted the bracelet. If you want to take this picture in the movie, I believe that they both shined at this moment. Xuan Xuan then ran back to continue playing, and my silent world began to hear the children's romp again.

This is the value of right knowledge and right view that we have been working hard to leave to our children. This group of children don't need game consoles to please. They rushed to talk about what can be used as waste, saying that grandparents are good to them, rushing to take care of the weak, saying thanksgiving words together before meals, cherishing the food in the bowl, and having fun together But when you need to be serious, you can calm down and think right away.

These few paper bracelets, which seem to be too simple, show the supreme glory and value on them.

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