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Parent-child reading experience

We live on the East Coast of the United States. When my children were very young, I wanted to let them participate in children's reading classes. In addition, I was very interested in Chinese classics when I was a student. I continued to look for nearby reading classes, but There has been no chance. I also tried to take my children home to read the scriptures by myself, but maybe it could not be sustained without companions. Due to the epidemic, many courses have been moved online. By chance, I found this Bible reading class on the west coast of Canada. At that time, I was really happy to find this reading class that I have been searching for for many years and can match the time!

In June 2020, I started our Bible reading class with my five-year-old daughter with a nervous heart. Although I was very happy in my heart, my daughter’s Chinese proficiency at the time was still limited to knowing a few Chinese characters and not proficient in phonetic spelling. Reading, I asked Teacher Emily before class. She gave me a lot of confidence and support. She encouraged me to let my children learn in happiness, and follow the review and study at their own pace.

I originally wanted my daughter to participate in the Bible reading class for two reasons: The first is to expose her to classical Chinese in a natural way (different from the vernacular materials commonly read in Chinese). I hope that she will not be afraid of ancient Chinese and have the opportunity to experience the classics in the future. Wisdom and beauty. The second is to hope she can interact with other children who can speak Chinese.

Let's speak Chinese first! The content of Chinese in the scripture class is actually far beyond my daughter’s level at the time. With the teacher’s encouragement, coupled with the gentle and patient leadership of Teacher Zhou and the enthusiastic teacher Emily’s carefully prepared vernacular textbooks for each class, my daughter will soon attend. After finishing the track, she likes to read loudly and happily in class, and study with her classmates without pressure. Gradually, her Chinese character recognition, phonetic spelling and reading aloud have made great progress. I myself follow the progress of my child and learn to understand the meaning of the weekly sentences. And these gains have far exceeded my initial expectations!

All the children in the bible class are cute babies. Although there is no chance to meet everyone in real life, my daughter has gradually gained a relationship with her classmates through the process of learning together in class every time, celebrating holidays and children’s birthdays together. Feeling familiar with each other.

We cherish and are grateful for this special fate. It is a very happy experience for us to be with you and learn! Thank you teachers, classmates and Bible class!

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