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​Parent-child reading experience

I think that any cultural system has its eternal and immortal classics, and classics are the crystallization of national wisdom. It is common sense. Its value is timeless and new, and it is the best way to unlock intelligence. The Chinese classics I like most to read with my children are "Disciples Guidance", "Bai Xiao Pian" and "San Zi Jing". The sentence patterns of these classics are relatively short, catchy, and exquisite knowledge and philosophy. Ever since I developed the habit of reading scriptures, I have often directly cited classics when educating my children at home. If I see my child arguing with my younger brother, I will say "Brotherhood is in harmony and filial piety"; if I see the child being lazy and not following instructions, I will Say "Parents call, do not delay. Parents order, do not be lazy."
What I have written below is what I feel. There are seven advantages of reading the classics together with parents and children.

1. Personality optimization, physical and mental health
Children who often recite the classics will develop good habits of being filial to their parents, knowing politeness, knowing etiquette, and being educated. The child's life taste and life connotation will take a higher starting point.

2. Cultivation of Culture and Moral Quality
The improvement of cultural accomplishment and moral quality is the result we are most willing to see. The classics are full of the wisdom and cultivation of the ancients, and the classics are talking about various laws: benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and faith, filial piety, loyalty, etiquette, justice, integrity and shame. Through reading the scriptures, it is easy to improve children's moral level.

3. Improved concentration
Regular training in recitation of classics will gradually form a good reading habit with high concentration, inner peace and tranquility. After knowing the cessation, there is calmness, calmness and calmness, calmness and calmness, and calmness and consideration, and consideration and gain. After children are engaged in learning, such as learning mathematics, the efficiency is significantly improved.

4. Memory is greatly improved
Frequent recitation of the classics, the child's memory is significantly improved. Once this memory ability is obtained, it will be easy to memorize knowledge of any subject.

V. Enhanced Chinese ability
After learning the classics, the children's Chinese literacy has greatly increased. After that, when the child speaks in Chinese, he will export it into chapters and cite scriptures, which is very in-depth.

6. Greatly improved reading interest and ability
Understand the classics, children will form the habit of reading a wide range of books. Many children who recite classics can take the initiative to find books to read in their spare time. As a result, the vision is broad and the intelligence is overflowing, and the IQ of children who do not recite the classics is many times higher.

7. Promote parent-child relationship
Many classics have been contacted by parents since childhood. Therefore, parents (including grandparents) and children recite together, in addition to effectively promoting the relationship between parents and children, it can also achieve good benefits of strengthening the brain, relieving stress, and consolidating the cultural level. .

to sum up:

Recitation of the classics improves the children's overall quality, such as stronger comprehension, memory and literacy. I started parent-child Bible reading when my child was 2 and a half years old, and it has been close to 3 years now. Fortunately, I participated in the organization of the Bible reading class. Despite the current epidemic, the former sage of the Chongde Buddhist Temple, Teacher Cai, can also organize everyone to read together through video calls, which has more atmosphere and enthusiasm. I often play the audio recordings shared by Mr. Cai at home. I am grateful for everything and hope that in the future, there will be more of these organizations that will take action to support and participate in the parent-child reading of each family. Up to now, children will not resist whether they are Chinese or English books, they will actively want to explore the content of the book, and they will also want to discuss and share with me what he has read that he finds interesting. The parent-child readings in the past few years have not only increased our knowledge, but also heated up the tacit understanding and feelings between mother and child. Especially when children have formed good study habits, they will have a good role in promoting the learning of other aspects of knowledge.
The seven points I mentioned are just the most basic benefits of reading the scriptures, and the true impact of reading the scriptures on a life is more than just that, as the purpose of Tao says, to inspire the best of conscience and conscience, to build a person by oneself, and to reach others. , Turn the world into peace, turn people's hearts into goodness, and hope that the world will be a great unity.

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