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Testimony from a parent in a Bible class

Recalling that since I sought the truth in October 2019, under the protection of my mother and God’s grace, my family has been greatly changed.

First of all, to talk about my son's changes, my son is currently almost 7 years old, and his mental development has been lagging behind that of his peers. Although he is enrolled in school, he needs a special teacher to guide and accompany him. Some time before entering the path, he had just entered the kindergarten of Vancouver Elementary School for a month. For some reason, he was unwilling to listen to the teacher's arrangement during that time. The teacher felt very distressed for a while and was almost unable to accompany him smoothly. If this state continues, it is likely that you will not be able to go to school all day. It just so happened that at this time, under the protection of my mother, our family succeeded in seeking the truth that weekend. What surprised us then happened. On Monday, when we were picking up our children from school in a panic, the escort teacher told my wife and me, "The child is very well-behaved at school today. What did you do on the weekend?". Since then, although my son still has his own problems, he has been studying and growing up in elementary school smoothly.

Let’s talk about the changes between me and my wife. We immigrated from China. Because of the division of labor in the family, the wife chooses to work, and I choose to take care of the children at home. Before I went abroad, the division of labor in the family of "the male is responsible for the outside and the female is responsible for the inside" made me particularly uncomfortable at the moment, and the long-term role of being a husband in the family also made me feel very anxious for a while. At the same time, his wife worked hard outside, was very tired, and had a bad control of her emotions. The relationship between our husband and wife was also very tense. However, in the continuous "Tao" learning, my wife and I were able to reflect and improve, and the relationship between husband and wife became harmonious. I believe that under the guidance of "Tao", our family relationship will reach a new level and become more harmonious.

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