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Children's Bible reading allows my children to accept correct values and outlook on life from the time of enlightenment. The high-quality environment of the Bible reading class makes my children naturally like to learn Chinese...

I am a mother of an immigrant family, and my children are currently three and a half years old and one year old. I immigrated to Canada 16 years ago to study at university, and then I got a job there. Both of my children were born in Canada.

My child started reading the scriptures when he was over two years old and couldn't say clearly. Due to the epidemic situation, it is temporarily online teaching. We study "The Analects" and "Enlightenment Literature" with teachers and classmates two days a week. As the youngest student in the class, many times my children are out of condition. At first, he couldn't speak to the teachers at all, and sometimes he couldn't sit down and have a full class. But we still insisted on accompany him in class. After class, spend at least 5 to 10 minutes on review every day.

Soon, we saw the progress and changes of the children. He can gradually keep up with the rhythm of the teachers' recitations. In order to strive to be a teacher in the class and lead other students to read the scriptures, he actively asked us to review with him every day. He was very active and diligent when the teacher solicited the junior teacher, holding his hands high, quietly and politely waiting for the opportunity. When it was his turn, he took the reading seriously and confidently.

Through the joyous atmosphere of the Bible reading class, my child naturally developed the habit of learning Chinese, which in turn gave him motivation to learn to recognize characters in other Chinese storybooks. The teachers are lively and lively reading, playing Bingo with students or sharing related festivals and customs videos from time to time, providing us parents in foreign countries with an excellent platform to learn the beautiful Chinese culture and Chinese.

Learning is a habit. Through reading education, you can develop your children's potential and help them to master other subjects. What I like the most is the character first emphasized in the reading class, and the positive and positive education of sages in these scriptures, which has a subtle and positive influence on children during the enlightenment period. We don't expect our child to become a prominent official in the future. We only hope that he can be an upright gentleman and a useful person.

We will continue to work hard. Although the accompanying reading process will be hard, it will be useful for the child throughout his life. The growth of children needs our company and support. Children's Bible reading allows my children to accept correct values ​​and outlook on life from an early age. Thank you for the promotion of Fayi Chongde reading, providing such a rare high-quality environment in overseas communities and the sincere teachings of volunteer teachers. Thanks!

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